Motronic 3.3.1 to Megasquirt 3 + MS3x Rough Draft, v0.999a  
  Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4 2010 Chris Seigman  
  Pin Legend: MS3x: 00x  
  RS232: 0s  
  Motronic MS3+ MS3x Wire Color Motronic 3.3.1 FN MS3/MS3x FN Motronic 3.3.1 Notes MS3/MS3x Notes  
  1 37 Brown/Green FP relay, Terminal 85 FP   FP/O2  
  2 27x White/Yellow ICV (closed) VVT   PWM Output (3a)  
  3 16x Brown/Green Cyl 5 Fuel Injector INJ B B    
  4 10x Brown/Violet Cyl 6 Fuel Injector INJ D D    
  5 4x Brown/Blue Cyl 4 Fuel Injector INJ F F    
  6 7 Brown Ground (O2/Coil Shield) Ground      
  7 27x Green/Blue VANOS Actuator VVT VVT/VANOS is experimental at this stage PWM Output (3a)  
  8 - Gray Check engine light -   Usefull? Probably not..  
  13 23 Yellow O2 sensor input O2      
  15 8 Black Ground (Coils) Ground Ignition coils 1-6 (X6456)    
  16 24 Yellow Crank sensor (+) S TachIn      
  17 32x Yellow Hall Effect Cam Sensor (Pin 2) Cam Input Pin 1 is +12v, 3 is ground VR/Hall/Opto  
  23 36x Black/Blue Cyl 4 Coil Spark F FF    
  24 34x Black/Violet Cyl 6 Coil Spark D DD    
  25 33x Black/Green Cyl 5 Coil Spark B BB    
  26 - Red B+12v junction point - Banded end of 1n4001    
  27 31 Brown ECM relay, terminal 85 IAC2b Collector of 2n2222a, 1n4001    
  28 9 Brown/Orange Ground (Sensors, Shields) Ground      
  29 9x White/Green ICV (open) FIDLE   PWM Output (3a)  
  31 13x Brown/Yellow Cyl 3 Fuel Injector INJ C C    
  32 7x Brown/Red Cyl 2 Fuel Injector INJ E E    
  33 19x Brown/White Cyl 1 Fuel Injector INJ A A    
  34 10 Brown Ground (O2/Coil Shield) Ground      
  36 24x Brown Evaporative emission valve Nitrous 1   Trigger Evap valve - conditions?  
  38 37 Brown/Green O2 relay, terminal 85 FP   FP/O2  
  40 11 Black Ground (O2 sensor signal) Ground      
  42 29x Black/White VSS - from cluster N2O IN Can also use MS3x spare ADCs as inputs 12v or GND switched input  
  43 12 Black Crank sensor (-) N Ground      
  44 13 Brown Ground (IAT, CLT, TPS) Ground      
  45 14 - Ground (Ignition Shield) Ground      
  46 - White/Black Econometer - to cluster Output Ecometer conditioning board  
  47 6 Black Tachometer - to cluster JS11   Tachout - SPR4  
  50 14x Black/White Cyl 1 Coil Spark A AA    
  51 35x Black/Red Cyl 2 Coil Spark E EE    
  52 15x Black/Yellow Cyl 3 Coil Spark C CC    
  54 28 Red/White ECM relay, terminal 87a +12v See Start Circuit Chart & Instructions    
  55 15 Brown Ground (O2/Coil Shield) Ground      
  56 29 Green Ignition Switch, Terminal 15 IAC2a Base of 2n2222a    
  59 26 Red/Yellow TPS +5v Vref (5v)      
  60 5s Green/Blue Data link (Diagnostics #16) Signal Ground +12v normally, serial port requires a ground however. GND - See Diagnostics Port worksheet  
  64 21x Violet/Gray Datalog 325ix ABS input SPR ADC Bring C101 pin 17 to X20 #6 (ECU #64) Datalog 325ix ABS input (resistor?)  
  66 15 Black/Violet GND 325ix ABS input Ground or X20 #7 (ECU #66) Alternatively, GND with 1k resistor  
  73 22 Brown/Black TPS TPS      
  77 20 Gray IAT Signal MAT      
  78 21 Brown/Red CLT Signal CLT      
  87 2s White/Yellow RxD (output) Receive Data Bring Serial communication to Diagnostics Connector RxD - See Diagnostics Port worksheet  
  88 3s White/Violet TxD (input/output) Transmit Data   TxD - See Diagnostics Port worksheet  
  Conversion charts and information:  
  General Notes: Read these before doing anything!    
  Parts List: list.html Parts list required - will add MS3 related stuff, and any additional BMW parts.  
  Grounds Maps out all of the grounds for M3.3.1 and Megasquirt.  
  C101 to X20: Convert the E36 X20 to the E30 C101    
  E36 / E30 O2: Connect a wideband O2 (such as the LC1) to the E30/E36 O2 plug.  
  Start Circuit The preferred method for switching the main relay, avoids high current through ignition switch.  
  Ignition Drivers: Build 6 high current coil outputs for M50 COP, or use the MS3x logic outputs for LSx coils.  
  Other Wiring: Explains MPG conditioner, maps E36/E46 cam sensors, SD card logging switch.  
  MS3 Diagnostics: Bring MS3 serial communication to the Diagnostics port (completely optional).  
  Main Relay mod: I'm assuming a similar mod will work with the E36 main relay (use start circuit for best results)  
  M30 Auto TPS: For use on M20 conversions; you can also use the E36 TPS with an adapte plate.  
  MS3 V3.0 wiring: Reference from the official MS3 site    
  MS3x wiring: "" ""    
  X6000 (88 Pin):